Welcome to BromA

Are you looking for an ArmA community without strict signup procedures and members who get mad at video games far too easily? Look no further. We aim to play every evening (GMT) and we strive towards realism and immersion. We are playing a military simulator after all!

We have players from all over the world, and are easy on new players as long as you ask questions when you don’t understand and follow what the other players do.


Operating with us is easy:

Buy the game

BromA uses ArmA 2: Combined Operations (that means ArmA 2 + the Operation Arrowhead expansion).

We recommend either Steam or the BI Store.

Install the mods

Download Play WithSix and get our Preset.

Check out this guide if you have any trouble.


Join our Steam group and stay tuned for events and other announcements; and of course our Teamspeak server

Some more in-depth help.

Need some extra assistance? Join the group chat. Seriously, don't be shy.

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What's going on

So as we try to recover the data related to the website that was lost (aka Guides and a couple screenshots), please give us a week  to get everything back up and running in order to resume updating this page regularly.

BromA lives strong as ever, and as always you can keep track of our scheduled operations in the Steam Group. Thank you.

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just chillin Jesus fucking christ

About BromA

With the intention of setting itself apart from other mil-sim communities which rely on suffocating rules and sensitive moderation, some users from the 4chan imageboards decided to get together and start a group based on common sense, where players could be united by their like-mindedness rather than an oppressive set of rules and filling out admittance forms. BromA was born.

Since then the years have brought us through countless operations and missions – some successful, some not so much – but the original spirit remains the same to this very day: autism and hatred for any kind of personal enjoyment, available to all. Except if you’re Australian, in that case go fuck yourself.

“BromA: No Fun Allowed since 2010″

TeamSpeak 3 Server IP: broma.co.uk

Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/broma3

ArmA server: [ BromA 3 ] American Foreign Policy Simulator
IP: broma.co.uk